2012. gada 19. novembris

19.novembris. Elizabetes


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  1. Dear Dace,

    I want to send you a big welcome hug for being part of the Art is a Way blogroll. I'm honored to have you on board. The names that you have been composing in original ways is so in sync with the Art is a Way project! You will see when the website opens. I'm inviting creative people from all over the world to write the word ART in original ways, you should join the project in January 2013. I love the fonts that you have been using using natural elements! You're so creative. One of the things that I used to write the word ART was leaves of ferns like the beautiful ones that I saw here. You should write me to my e-mail: elsammora@gmail.com to give you more details and send you some pictures. I would LOVE you to be part of the project that I'm talking about.

    Much love!
    Elsita :)

    1. Thanks Elsita! Can't wait to participate in the ART project. Dace